Dear Ladies,

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Let me introduce myself – my name is David and I am the young, handsome man that you can see in the photo.

If you are not sure of who I am, I should probably explain it: I am a male escort. In fact, I am a very good male escort service - colloquially, men for rent (Not to be confused with the gigolo). Please go to the Services page to get a better idea of what means being a male companion.

Now, allow me to make a few assumptions.

First, you have accessed this website because you are looking for a bit of adventure mixed with a bit of romance. If so, you have found the right place. Second, you are here because deep inside you are a thoroughly romantic person who dreams of meeting a charming stranger who will sweep you off your feet and make you feel special and appreciated. Believe me, I fit the bill. Thirdly, you may have come here because being a self-confident and successful woman you are sick and tired of meeting men from your environment. Men that are … well … “boring” is the first word that comes to mind. I am absolutely not boring! My job is my passion. I devote every day of my life to becoming better at it.

Why do I do that?

Because women deserve the best.

Fun, where You set the rules...